Cheat sheet: Statewide and local proposition recommendations

Since I know I took up a lot of space with all my Important Thoughts™ on the statewide ballot measures (part 1, part 2), here are all my recommendations in handy tabulated form – with internal links, even, so you can jump to specific ones.

Again, the “utilitarian” recommendation is trying to answer whether the initiative is good or bad in isolation; the “anti-clutter” recommendation is for people who want to send a message to legislators and activists to work out their disagreements through non-ballot avenues wherever possible, and are willing to vote against slightly good initiatives to get this across.

Proposition number Brief description Utilitarian recommendation Anti-clutter recommendation
51 School bonds Yes Yes
52 Hospital fee Yes No
53 Public vote, $2b+ revenue bonds No No
54 Legislative transparency Yes No
55 Income tax extension Yes Yes
56 Tobacco tax increase Yes Yes
57 Parole and juvenile justice Yes Yes
58 Bilingual education Yes Yes
59 Citizens United Yes No
60 Condoms in adult films No No
61 Prescription drug pricing No No
62 Death penalty abolition Yes Yes
63 Gun and ammunition control Yes No
64 Marijuana legalization Yes Yes
65 Bag fees No No
66 Death penalty procedures No No
67 Plastic bags: affirm existing ban Yes Yes

Thank you for reading. Next: Oakland and Alameda County.

Update: those local measure writeups, linked!

Measure number Jurisdiction Brief description Utilitarian recommendation Anticlutter recommendation
RR BART District Infrastructure bond Yes Yes
A1 Alameda County Affordable housing bond Yes Yes
C1 AC Transit District Bus services, tax extension Yes Yes
HH Oakland Soda tax Yes Yes
II Oakland City lease terms Yes Yes
JJ Oakland Renter’s protections Yes Yes
KK Oakland Infrastructure bond Yes Yes
LL Oakland Civilian police commission Yes Yes
G1 Oakland Unified School District School parcel tax Yes Yes

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